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Joshua Freeman

I build and host websites, but I am also fascinated by the human experience.

This website is primarily for introducing you to my design work, Macintosh computer tutoring and repair work, and media conversion work.

But I also want to share things here that may be interesting to you.  The internet is filling every day with both the sublime and the ridiculous, I hope to add to the former.

Memorial for Cynthia

On March 16th, 2008 our beloved friend Cynthia Loweburg passed away.  We made a 10 minute memorial video you may view as well as her website.

See Video

Play crawling forward...

I am slowly completing my second play.  A great deal of revision is now necessary.  Below is a link to the unrevised first scene.

The Mystic Special

IE6 Limitations

Due the advanced web techniques used in this website, Internet Explorer 6 support is limited. The template is compatible with IE6 and will function properly, however some of the graphics and visual effects have been reduced.  We advise you to update to a newer version of IE or try another more modern browser.  Below are links to free browsers:

Firefox (Mac & PC)

Safari (Mac & PC)

Chrome (PC)

Opera (Mac & PC)


Websites You Control

We build sites with Joomla! and Rapid Weaver. Learn more...

Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Printing

We design posters, flyers, stationery,   
bookmarks and business cards.Learn more...

Web Portfolio

Our Website Portfolio

Please view examples of our webwork.Web Gallery

Color this website your own...

You can change the colors and patterns of this website from this very page.  At the top of this page you will see a tab named, 'Color Chooser'.  Select this tab and you will be given a set of tools to color this website as you wish.  you may choose preset colors and patterns from the left side drop down menus, or play with the color picker for just the right shade.  In the 'Preview' window you will get a look at your choice.  Once you are ready, click on the 'Apply' button and your colors will become active for the entire website.

This is very useful when choosing colors for your own website.  When you have colors you want to keep, simply write down the six characters (after the # sign) on the left side of the color menu.

Try as many combinations as you wish as often as you like.

This video will make you smile

If the video is choppy, please let it load all the way, or click on the YouTube icon (lower right) to see the original. Maeva and Will float, a joy to watch.







Macintosh Information

I'm always finding great deals on new and used Macs. Call me before you buy!

I fix Macs, hardware & software. My specialty is repairing & configuring your Mac as I tutor you on how to get the most from your faithful Mac computer.

Visit the Mac section.

SEO and SE

Having a beautiful website is only half of the equation for having success on the internet.  The other is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and having a website that is Search Engine Friendly.  These are not the same thing and they are critical to your success.  I work with Pamela Gurr of Yosemite Web Center.  Pamela has over ten years of experience in SEO and SE friendly websites. Find out what we can do for you.


When you live in a small town like North Fork, California, it is often necessary to work a number of different jobs. We in North Fork, may have skills that the rest of the United States may be needing in the near future. There is a great deal we can do in a small community to help ourselves.

To this end, there are two projects in North Fork that I am currently working on. They are a free website for everyone in North Fork, and a local currency called North Fork Shares.

The local currency site is slowly developing in preparation for a mid May launch.

The large site for the town is now up and running. Although there is more to do, the basics are working and people in North Fork can submit their own information for their own free webpage.. This site includes calendars for everything going on in town, as well as news and a free classified section. I hope to hold a large class for anyone who wants to learn how to create on the website, maybe Kennedy Hall?

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